Safety Messages for Fleets

Talk Safety Between Training Sessions

How do you keep 30 minutes of training fresh in someone’s mind? Repetition of key points. With safety messages from ITI, you can provide a series of quick notes to share throughout the company to reinforce training and safety. We provide the content, and can even email them for you.

Frequent Notes Help Build a Culture of Safety

Safety messages can take the form of a short email, a message sent out via your onboard systems, payroll stuffers, posters in the break room, or any other format you like. Your employees are reminded of specific and actionable tasks to stay safer. The goal is not to overwhelm them with content, just to keep a constant drumbeat for safety.

Share Training Specific to Your Fleet

You’ll be most successful by sharing stories and anecdotes when you can. Employees love to hear about other employees’ successes. They will learn something when an employee has a failure, but everyone learns from it. We intersperse those stories with reminders of what they learned in training, or news they need to know about new expectations.

How You Implement Safety Messages


Our team works with your safety and training group to build a calendar of messages. The calendar can be tailored around your training plan, seasonal weather, or even performance factors.


Messages can be sent several ways: Email, as payroll stuffers, via your onboard devices, or posted on your intranet. We work closely with your technical and communications team to ensure the message is getting out.


We set up regular check-in points to add custom content, review how the program is running, and provide you with regular reporting. You’ll hear from us regularly about how things are going.

Frequency of training matters. The more you train, the better your results.
Frequency of training matters. The more you train, the better your results.

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