Training Consulting

Get More from Your Training Investment

More and more companies have realized their people and skills make the biggest impact. So they turn to work force training to improve business results. At the same time, companies ask more of their managers without providing more resources. We can help you close the gap. With training consulting, our experienced professionals can show you how to get more from every dollar and minute invested in training. 

Typical Projects with Great Results

Though not an exhaustive list, these are the types of everyday projects clients like you bring to us.

  • Curriculum plans for different jobs and employee roles
  • Safety audit to find common causes of incidents, injuries and crashes
  • Driver operations improvements, such as fuel economy
  • Staff development, such as train-the-trainer programs
  • Better fleet safety compliance scores and results
  • Showing ROI for training and safety groups
  • Process improvement for training and compliance
  • Technology and process reviews and implementation plans

Set Priorities & Research

To focus your efforts and ours, we set measurable goals. Sometimes this means coming up with new metrics or tossing old ones. Then we analyze fleet data about the current situation. Typically this involves discussions with people at various levels of the organization, access to fleet data, and onsite visits.

Implement Training

Whenever you launch something new, there is bound to be resistance. It can seem slow to get off the launchpad because change feels hard to some people. But successfully changing companies is our specialty. Results come when we help you adopt a realistic plan. You’ll address all phases of the change: people, processes, and technologies.

Measure and Fix

It's your show — we're just here to help. Our goal is always to help you build up your internal team's expertise and processes for training. With our help, you'll measure the success of the program by analyzing your safety and operations, and make any necessary changes. Safety and excellence aren't destinations — they're actions your team takes every day.


People, Process, & Technology

Change is a three-legged stool. You need all three to keep things stable. Get one wrong, and your team will start inventing work-arounds that can lead to bad results.

  1. People: Having the right number of the right people with the right skills.
  2. Process: Creating a smart, repeatable, documented process ensures the company can quickly work through most situations.
  3. Technology: The goal should be to buy or build the right technology to give your people an efficient way to work through their process.

Talk to Professional Services

Let's get on the phone and figure out the best way we can help. Our team is filled with experienced, practical pros. You take your job seriously, and we'd love to pitch in.