Reporting, Reporting, Reporting

Dashboards: The Big Numbers

Dashboards give you a quick, at-a-glance view into your compliance data. Beyond the standards, if there’s a custom dashboard you’d like to see, our engineering team can help you out.

  • Overall usage
  • Active users in the system
  • Hours trained
  • Percentage of lessons completed
  • Overall assignment compliance

Monitor Assignments and Progress

When you use a quality LMS for your fleet, you expect the ability to monitor progress. For Sentix, that can take many forms.

  • Assignment Completion: What percentage of assignments are complete, and who has incomplete courses?
  • Lesson Progress: How far through a lesson has a person gone?
  • Lesson Start: When was the lesson started?
  • Time to Completion: How long did it take a person to complete a course?

Compliance Reports: Are We There Yet?

Since most of the power in Sentix is in automated, assigned training, reporting that shows progress is equally powerful. You can grab all the data, or sift your report further by any of the criteria you set up in your account. And if you need to do some fancy spreadsheet work with the data, you can export it at any stage.

Custom Report Tool

Every piece of data we collect is at your fingertips in an easy to find and view report. The customized report builder can show you thousands or records at a time so you don’t have to wade through endless pages to find the information you need.

You can generate reports that show your organization's progress from the top down giving you a real-time view into compliance. Report on progress by any combination of  Division, Region, Location, Job Title, Specialized Groupings, Lesson and dates of compliance.

Schedule a Demo of Sentix

If you’re interested in exploring how to automate a lot of your training administration, drop us a line. We’ll show you the system, and build a plan to move you over.