Sentix Features

Set Up

Getting your company and users set up in the system makes automation possible. No matter the complexity of your org chart, we can mirror it.

Assign and

The heart of training automation is in assignments and scheduling. Most automation programs are either individualized or targeted at groups, and either scheduled or ad hoc. See how easy it is to build and re-use.


Reporting and dashboards let you see the big picture without getting lost in the details. And you can quickly drill down to the individual level.

Tour the Features of Sentix

Solid as a Rock: the Sentix Platform

The underpinnings of Sentix let you deploy training automation, confident that ITI can meet your needs today and in the future.

  • Cloud-based hosting for 24/7 availability
  • 3rd-party record-keeping
  • Sophisticated APIs to connect to other systems
  • Single sign-on for integration with employee portal
  • Mobile-friendly for both the admin and user
  • Mobile app for users
  • Custom content production and hosting
  • Logo-branding available
  • Engineering services to customize and connect

Compare Sentix

Learn the difference between the different levels of Sentix, and compare Sentix to other systems for online training. Learn what makes ITI the best choice of online training providers in the transportation industry.

Schedule a Demo of Sentix

If you’re interested in exploring how to automate a lot of your training administration, drop us a line. We’ll show you the system, and build a plan to move you over.