Sentix Overview


Set up your org chart, create assignments and schedules, then report on success. Change and re-use as needed. Automation means every training curriculum program you build can be reassigned, re-used, and re-scheduled as needed.


This isn’t a white-labeled LMS built for schools. We’ve been focused on trucking for 20+ years. Sentix powers PRO-TREAD online training, the No. 1 online training library in logistics with more than 100,000 courses taken each month.

Fueled by
Business Data

Training should be driven by business rules, like telematics events, camera systems, MPG trends, license expirations, and any other fleet data you can connect. Proactive and corrective training triggered by fleet systems is here.

It’s Out of This World Right Out of the Box

Sentix provides time savings and force multipliers right out of the box. It’s a pro-level learning management system configured specifically for the trucking, logistics and fleet industries.


Assignments are the heart of a good training system. Sentix makes it simple to create relevant, specific, timely training assignments.


Sentix lets you schedule training far in advance, or set them to repeat as needed.


At a glance, you’ll see the progress of assignments. And with the intuitive tools, you can quickly drill deeper to get the data you need.


Sentix was built to be customized in the ways that help you automate your training program.


Training doesn’t get assigned in a vacuum. You can to connect other business systems via APIs. Hire dates, CDL expirations, MVRs and more all have data that can drive simple rules that automate training.


Whether taking training via intranet or on a mobile device, they need to know the assignment. Sentix provides email notifications of training, and can push data into other backoffice systems if needed.

Safety First, Safety Fast

When there’s a “trainable event,” how much time passes between that event and when you provide the employee training? How many more miles does that person drive before you assign training? With training automation, you can instantly assign training based on any trackable incident. Faster reaction time means reduced liability — you’ve shown you’re proactively trying to fix a safety issue. So you can connect your MVRs, your telematics, your HR tools, and anything other incident or safety system, and let those trigger training assignments you’ve pre-built.

Training Automation Built for Transportation and Logistics

Twenty years. That’s how long Instructional Technologies Inc., the company behind Sentix and PRO-TREAD online training, has worked in the transportation and logistics industry. Sentix was built for the complex and fast-moving world of transportation. Our team that helps you customize and connect Sentix knows the industry’s alphabet soup: CSA, SMS, MVRs, DART, Hazmat.

Every feature and bit of design in it was, at some point, a request from a fleet. It has all the tools you need, and none that you don’t.

Expert Guidance and Help at Every Step

Not sure what to assign? Looking for tips or advice for how to use training to improve a metric across the fleet? Just want to edit a user’s location? ITI has you covered with on-shore help desk,  professional consulting, and technical engineering to mod-out Sentix.

Schedule a Demo of Sentix

If you’re interested in exploring how to automate a lot of your training administration, drop us a line. We’ll show you the system, and build a plan to move you over.