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Sentix® Pro LMS

Enterprise-Focused Training Automation

Sentix Pro is a powerful learning management system (LMS) engineered specifically for transportation and logistics companies. From assigning a year’s worth of training in minutes to triggering training after an incident, it will save you hours of manual work right out of the box.

Just as importantly, it can connect to all your other systems and be customized to help you intelligently scale your training for the long haul.

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“With the Sentix platform from ITI, we can get the most out of our investment in training. The ability to use or custom content where and when we need it gives us flexibility without having to use a third-party provider. With so many locations and employees across North America, ITI makes it a lot easier and more convenient to centralize and manage our safety training needs.”
Bill Woolsey, former VP-EH&S, Pilot Thomas Logistics
An Lms for Small business

Plays Well By Itself, Too

Maybe you’re a small team or solo safety manager who can't yet justify customization. Sentix Pro was built for you, too!

Hours of time savings right out of the box:

  • Create custom groups and assign training en masse
  • Schedule training far in advance
  • Set up recurring training like Hazmat to run automatically
  • Instantly and automatically notify drivers of assignments
  • Host your own training content (and report on it, too!)
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Sentix At-A-Glance

Sentix Pro vs. Sentix Base

Need to automate training, customize the platform and integrate with other systems? You need Sentix Pro. Looking for something simpler? Sentix Base is a lightweight training management system that lets you quickly assign and report on courses.

Here’s how they stack up to each other.

Learn about Sentix Features

Sentix Pro

Full-service training automation and a fully customizable platform

Sentix Base

Quickly assign courses and report on individual training progress

Access to PRO-TREAD Training Library
Mobile App for iOS and Android
User/Company-Based Assignments
Single Group Assignment
Advanced Assignment Groupings (Division, Region, Location, Job Title, Specialization)
Customized Reporting
Advanced Reporting Features
Curriculum Creation
Host Your Own Training Content
HR/Employee Management System integration
Scheduled and Triggered Assignments
Sentix Mobile App

Training is Just a Tap Away

With the Sentix mobile app — included with your Sentix Pro or Sentix Base account — employees can take training anywhere there’s a cell phone signal or wifi. It uses the same login info as the website and requires minimal data usage.

Already have Sentix? Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

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