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Sentix® integrations

Collect Data.
Trigger Training.
Change Behavior.

Monitoring drivers isn’t enough. MVRs, telematics and trucking cameras can actually increase your liability if you don't respond to a problem. When you connect Sentix Pro to systems you’re already using to monitor and support drivers, the magic of behavioral change really begins.

Automate risk management by using SambaSafety's Qorta for near real-time MVR and CSA alerts. When a violation is detected, you're three clicks away from assigning relevant training from Qorta University. It’s the way modern fleet managers save time and money.

automated training system

Auto-Assign Training to Reduce Liability

  • Assign training based on data and trends from driver monitoring, such as telematics or drivecams.
  • Work with ITI to create custom courses for safety policies or technology.
  • Schedule regular, ongoing training based on a driver’s role, location, or vehicle type.
  • Export or sync record-keeping on each driver — complete training history online.
  • Streamline risk management and save significant amounts of time and money each month.
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Real-World Uses

Integrations Take Your Training Even Farther

Sentix Pro will integrate with any system that has an API. No idea what an API is? No problem — if you can export data to a spreadsheet, our Client Services team will find a way to import it. Here are a few real-world examples of Sentix Pro's automated training system being used by enterprise transportation companies.


Reduce Telematics Liability

Trigger customized training based on individual driver behavior gleaned from telematics.

  • Trigger Example 1:
    Any driver with more than 20 hard-braking incidents in a week receives corrective training on Space Management.
  • Trigger Example 2:
    Every driver in the bottom 10 percent of hard acceleration incidents in a month receives corrective training on Speed Management.

Automate Onboarding

Automatically assign new hire onboarding training as soon as someone accepts an offer.

  • Trigger Example 1 
    Trigger a welcome email from your CEO to all new hires as soon as their job offer status changes to “accepted.”
  • Trigger Example 2 
    Assign orientation training as soon as new hires confirms their start date. The employee takes the training online before arriving at your office.
icon-risk management

Manage Risks after an incident

Respond faster to incidents and other risks, reducing liability and proving you took remedial action.

  • Trigger Example 1:
    A serious violation shows up on a driver’s MVR. HR and the driver’s manager immediately receive a red-flag communication.
  • Trigger Example 2:
    A driver has a minor parking lot incident. This triggers a notification to the driver’s manager and assigns the driver a remedial course on Backing and Docking.

HR/Employee Management

Automatically assign and trigger training based on any trackable data point.

  • Trigger Example 1:
    Three months before an employee’s HAZMAT endorsement expires, automatically assign a HAZMAT refresher course and a reminder email to renew.
  • Trigger Example 2:
    Every year in September, drivers who operate in colder climates receive a refresher course on Winter Driving for their vehicle type (CDL, Medium Duty Truck, Sedan).
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