Setting Up Sentix for Success

Most Common Types of Training

Working with your ITI service rep and our engineering team to get your company set up correctly will save you a lot of time down the road. But even if things change — like your company acquires another — Sentix can adapt.

Three Ways to Keep User Lists Updated

With the high turnover at many companies, keeping active user lists can be a full-time job. That’s why we strongly recommend connecting Sentix to your back-office systems to avoid double-entry or any other human-introduced errors. Plus it’s just easier!

There are three ways you can keep user lists updated:

: Sentix lets you edit any field except the username in the Sentix interface.

Spreadsheet upload: You can upload a spreadsheet into the interface, and it will activate any new users, and deactivate any users it does not find. Accidentally deactivate the wrong person? Don’t worry — just upload a new list with them on it.


API Connection: Our recommendation if you have a driver management system in place. Users can be added and deactivated at any interval that makes sense to your team.

Users and Roles

Each user in Sentix has a unique role and access level. User restrictions and allowances can be modified as needed — for example, the ability to restrict an admin to just one location.


  • Can add Users to the system, including Admins and Read-only Admins
  • Have full access to Reporting and Assignments.
  • Can access all courses as a user.
  • Can print completion certificates.

Read-only Admins:

  • Can report and export on activity but can’t make changes to assignments or schedules. This stops assignments from being removed, and prevents unauthorized assignments.
  • Can access all courses as a user.
  • Can print completion certificates.


  • Can access all courses as a user.
  • Can print their own completion certificates


Using Your Org Chart

Since many assignments and reports are driven by where someone works, or their job title, these form the backbone of the set-up. Each user in the system follows your company’s hierarchy.Does your company call them “Areas” instead of “Regions”? We can customize the names for you. Do you have additional levels? Further customization is fast and easy. For each user, you can define one:




Job Title

Update Automatically with Your HR Systems

Sentix can also tie in with your corporate HR systems to update this information in real-time, so you’re always up to date with the latest changes.

Tag Them With a Group

Each user can also belong to multiple groups. These are useful for making groups or specializations that don’t necessarily fit the other hierarchy.

Example Groups:

  • Teams: Maintenance or Dispatch or Account Services
  • Certification: Driver Trainer or Senior Dispatcher
  • Endorsement: Hazmat
  • Life-Cycle: Orientation, Manager Pre-Requisites
  • Corrective: HOS Violation, Speeding  

Schedule a Demo of Sentix

If you’re interested in exploring how to automate a lot of your training administration, drop us a line. We’ll show you the system, and build a plan to move you over.