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For Truck Routes in Northeast U.S.

Online Training for Spotted Lanternfly Permits

ITI provides an online Spotted Lanternfly training course for fleets’ frontline workers, making it simple for managers to issue them permits to operate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. This will also arm your drivers with the knowledge they need to stop the spread of this potentially disastrous pest.

 If you're a manager or owner-operator, you need to take the Penn State course — ITI's offering is for you to assign to your drivers and other employees. Employees can then take ITI's spotted lanternfly training course online, and managers can issue the permits.

Penn State Course Required for Managers

How ITI's online spotted lanternfly training course fits with the Penn State course

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Businesses Need a Spotted Lanternfly Permit?

The Pennsylvania Agriculture Department has an excellent article answering the question: “Who needs a Spotted Lanternfly permit?”, but the short version is: Any business or group moving vehicles, equipment or goods into or out of the quarantine zones.

PSU: Who needs a Spotted Lanternfly permit?

While only New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, and Delaware currently require training, New York and New Jersey are both inspecting for the bug. The bugs have been found in large numbers from Virginia north to upstate New York, and as far west as Ohio. If you use the website, you can see where the Spotted Lanternfly has been found and where there are infestations. New York especially uses this tool, and if you're running in those areas, expect extra scrutiny.

A quarantine means that vehicles and trailers will be inspected and logged, and if bugs are found, put out of service, denied access, or substantially delayed while the vehicle and trailer are thoroughly inspected and decontaminated. Pennsylvania's fines range from $300 to $20,000, and anywhere from a civil to a criminal violation.

To keep the flow of goods running and your fleet from delays, agriculture officials recommend all drivers and warehouse workers who are moving goods on the east coast take the training to know what to look for.

ITI's Spotted Lanternfly FAQ

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Spotted Lanternfly Nymphs
What's The Problem?

Trucks can Spread the Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly: An invasive species that could do $18 billion in economic harm in Pennsylvania alone, may be “the most devastating species in 150 years,” and “eats nearly everything.

If you have trucking operations or routes in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut where there are quarantines, Spotted Lanternfly training is required for drivers and warehouse workers. Roadside inspectors throughout the region are being trained to look for the insect.



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