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If you're looking for fleet training advice, turn to the experts. ITI has been providing the best training to the trucking and logistic industry for more than 20 years. Over that time, we've built up a collection of fleet training advice articles and whitepapers on a huge number of topics. And if you don't see what you're looking for, just pop in the search box at the bottom of the page. Or better yet, contact Instructional Technologies.

Fleet Training Advice

» The Safest Drivers Get the Best MPG
One of the best ways you can show ROI for your training program is with fuel economy: the safest drivers get the best fuel economy.

» How to Implement Training
To sue your company, the plaintiff’s attorney wants to show that your company put the motoring public at risk. One of the surest ways to cover yourself is to employ a mastery-based training solution. Mastery-based training requires a driver master a topic at 100% proficiency. This whitepaper talks about how time-crunched fleet managers implement mastery-based driver safety programs.

» Training Your Team for FSMA and Sanitary Transport
FSMA and the Sanitary Transport regulations are all about training. It’s not just that rules have changed — it’s that the rules force new technologies, processes, and record­keeping. This whitepaper walks through the six areas around FSMA and Sanitary Transport, and discusses the training impact of each.

» How to Compare Online Training for Fleets
What do you look for when comparing online truck driver training? Results, obviously. But what drives results? How do you compare online training for fleets? What works, and what’s just good salesmanship? This whitepaper gives you the boxes you should check as you compare online training for fleets.

» ROI of Online Training
The cost of an accident isn’t merely its cost. It’s all the revenue you lose having to pay those damages. Chances are, you can pay for all your fleet’s training by avoiding just one or two crashes. This whitepaper shows you how effective online training is.

» Dangers in the Parking Lot
Parking lot crashes account for two-thirds of fleet collisions happen while backing and docking at a delivery location. This whitepaper offers ideas for training your fleet to reduce those crashes.

» Delivery Injuries and Intersections
Part 2 of our "parking lot" series. This truck safety whitepaper mostly focuses on delivery-truck driver safety. It covers lift gates, and slips, trips and falls. It also discusses intersections.

» OSHA Compliance for Truck Fleets
Managing OSHA compliance for truck fleets means developing a solid safety program. The biggest obstacles and the biggest allies are the fleet itself. This wide-ranging whitepaper shows how to win over both management and employees.

» Workers' Comp Training for Truck Fleets
This workers’ comp whitepaper will show you how manager training can dramatically slash the costs by doing the right thing. With better communication with injured workers and a professional return-to-work program, your fleet will improve morale, cut the number of paid temporary total disability (TTD) days, and cut new workers’ comp claims.

» New-Hire Training for Truck Drivers
This whitepaper shows how to lower new-hire costs and improve employee retention by using custom online training for orientation.

» GHS Training and OSHA: Explained
We've sorted out the new GHS element of OSHA's HAZCOM regulations in this 12-page whitepaper. The whitepaper covers changes coming, the Dec. 1, 2013 training deadline, who will need training, and what that training will need to cover.

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